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Our Services

We have services to cover your needs


Commercial Construction

Hotels, restaurants, warehouses and more. Deconex inc. It has all the tools to take on any project


Residential construction

From the pre-project to the final details, here at Deconex Inc we go all the way and we are even capable of entering into projects that have already started, at any of their stages, so that they conclude in the best possible way with the help of a team of highly trained professionals.


Engineering and architecture

The specialty of the house! Deconex is a fusion between national and international engineers and architects established in the city of Miami with more than 30 years of experience.



Here at Deconex we know the importance of maintaining the structures and we also know that over time the same structures need maintenance and repairs, to comply with the strict regulations of the state and although we can take care of everything, the roof is one of the specialties of home. Licenses up to date and staff very capable of doing an excellent job.


After the facts

In some cases the properties are found to be in violation, whether it is the previous owner of the property you acquired and other times yourself, without knowing that making a minor modification can bring consequences with the city, here at Deconex we also specialize in putting in order and under code any violation, of any type of property.


Planimetry and Estimations

Here at Deconex we know the importance of material calculations, to know exactly how much to spend on each thing; and it is a very useful service since it can mean significant savings when executing the project. ThePlanimetry service is just as important, since in the world of construction it is the only valid language, because blueprints are essential for each project and you can count on us to accompany you in every part of the process.



An important step in any construction project is to be able to remove the old to make way for the new and not only that, but also the debris that it generates. At Deconex we have all the processes covered down to the smallest detail.

Escombros de roca
Equipo de topógrafos

Other services

  • Land Survey

  • Comercial Kitchen

  • Swimming Pool

  • Impact Windows/Door

  • Inspections

  • Thermoelectric certifications


40, 30 and 10 Years Certifications

Under the Florida Building Code, Safety Program requires commercial and specific residential properties, 40 years old or older to undergo a property assessment by a professional engineer. This also happens for the 30 and 10 years old properties In accordance with the Miami-Dade County Code, Section 8-11 (f)(ii)(1).
At Deconex, we are qualified and endorsed to make
these certifications.

Los técnicos en el Trabajo
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